Erik Pedersen Photography 2017: Blog en-us (C) Erik Pedersen Photography 2017 (Erik Pedersen Photography 2017) Wed, 18 Apr 2018 18:08:00 GMT Wed, 18 Apr 2018 18:08:00 GMT Erik Pedersen Photography 2017: Blog 79 120 Accessories - part 2 - L bracket How many of you have ever been out taking photos using your tripod and realize, hey, this would be way better as a vertical shot, but realized, dang, my tripod mount is only on the bottom of my camera, and I'll have to just drop the perfectly positioned and tightened tripod head on it's side. Which will probably mean a lot of lost time to get everything leveled again, and that perfect light might have passed or that deer to run off. I know, it's a common problem I encounter, but wait, there is a solution, an L Bracket.  This is literally a piece of metal that looks like the letter L. It's designed to allow you to quickly swap your mounted camera from horizontal to vertical with little fuss. 

Now here's the rub, you can either find really cheap or really expensive one, and in the camera world, well you usually get what you pay for. Well since I'm not making any money off my photography, at least not regularly, I tend to bargain hunt and do a lot of research to find that best bang for my buck, and that brought me to the 3 Legged Thing company. OH man, they have some cool parts for photography, and well priced. Since I tend to leave the grip on my camera all the time, I ended up purchasing a QR11 Full Size Universal L-Bracket in Slate Grey. It even came with a little carebiner/tool thing and a baggie to keep it in.  This version is designed to go further all the way along the side when a grip is mounted to the camera. Now, seriously, how much will I use this, probably not much, but it is one of those little things that when I am out shooting landscape or astrophotography while using my tripod, I've always wished I had one. 


Which brings me to my next entry, do I buy a lightweight tripod for hiking or just suck it up and carry my big clunky Vanguard Pro Alta.... ugh, what to do... hint hint, if you look closely, you know what I decided on.


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Accessories - part 1 - Battery Grip So we are playing a little catch up on trip and camera details, so just a heads up I will eventually get these posts at a more spread out interval, but for now I'll be posting as I have time. 

So I've got a new camera body, Nikon D750, two new lenses, an Irix 15mm f2.4, and a Tamron 24-70 f2.8. In addition I also picked up a Nikon MB-D16 grip for the D750 body. This for those of you that are new to photography a grip is an attachment to the camera that allows you to grip the camera in the vertical position the same way you would in the horizontal position with the built in grip.  It also holds a second battery if you need it, but I primarily only use it for the physical grip aspect of this accessory.  Now with my D7100 way back when I purchased a generic grip due to the cost ($250 for genuine Nikon version), and now it regularly drains the battery, so I wanted a genuine Nikon one for the D750. I found a great deal on ebay for one, thanks to the D750 being an older camera model.  

I did pick up some filters at the same time, but I'll be discussing filters in their own post in the near future.  Next up will be the L bracket and tripod head I picked up.... 



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BACK ON So after we decided to scrap the trip, we kept talking, and talking and hemming and hawing and decided it was back on. We would have to shorten the time we spend in Colter Bay Village in the Tetons due to a lack of available accomodations, but we could do it. We'd also need to start looking for a place to stay for a few more days near Yellowstone since we didn't want to cut the trip that short. 

The next post will actually be about photography, I promise... 

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The Adventure Begins So last year some college friends of my wife decided to do a big trip to Yellowstone. This is was big news in my house since my wife had been trying to get me "out west" since I met her, and now that we had kids, it was even more imperative to her that we get out west for a visit. We live outside Chicago, so we don't get much in the way of geography here in the flat state of Illinois.  Well a few months back I made the big decision to sell a few of my priceless collectibles to fund a camera upgrade. At the time, I had a Nikon D7100, and a mix of crop and full frame lenses. But I wanted to go full frame and it was finally time. So I sold off my most valuable Phish and Star Wars posters and got a refurbished Nikon D750, as well as a Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 lens. I was really stoked about this and was itching to get a chance to use it. The first chance was through my day job, taking some board member head shots for my agencies website.  I have to admit, when I started doing these, I had no clue what I was doing, but they have slowly gotten better, and made a big jump in quality with this new camera/lens set up. But that's a post for another time. Back to the trip.

So I now had a new camera and two new wide angle lenses, I also picked up an Irix 15mm f2.4 lens for all those wide angle landscape shots I was going to get in Yellowstone. EXCEPT, reality set in and my wife and I realized, we might not be able to do the trip. So it was off.... 



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What I Learned So a couple of things I learned over the last week of shooting while on vacation....

1. I should have gotten the ND10 filter, the ND6 I got wasn't enough. 
2. I need to be there earlier for sunset shots. 
3. It's fun to share knowledge about photography!!!
4. Keep it in auto ISO while photographing birds.
5. Leave the kid(s) at home when venturing into the wild...

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